About Me

I’m originally from Poland and was born and raised there. Worked on the cruise ship for more than 15 years as a Beverage Manager. When met my husband, we had a dream of owning a small guest house in Jamaica, so we decided to make our dreams come true. We build this 8-room guest house on the beautiful coast of Portland Jamaica and name it Polish Princess. I hope you will come and visit us and enjoy your stay here in this most beautiful parish of Jamaica.

Polish Princess Guest House was officially open in January 2010 for our guest.

On our property you will find 8 rooms, we are unique in the way that our rooms do not have numbers. Each room is named after a Princess that used to live in Poland. We can share stories about them. Our neighborhood is very simple and quiet. We are surrounded by farmers. Most of them own goats, chickens, and roosters. Every morning you can see them taking their animals to the fresh green grass. The neighborhood is safe, and people around here are always willing to help. Route taxis are regularly traveling so it is an easy way to go to Port Antonio or nearby beaches and attractions.


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 Welcome to Polish Princess Guest House, a dream realized on the serene coast of Portland, Jamaica. Founded by a Polish native with over 15 years of cruise ship experience, our 8-room haven opened in January 2010. Each room bears the name of a Polish Princess, adding a touch of regal charm.


Fairy Hill, Port Antonio, Jamaica



+1 (876) 289-7005